Only song in the world that matters


You don’t need drug to have a fun time

Follow me please I love u


petition for one direction to just perform all of their songs no one will complain i’m positive

Anonymous: "why do you never put mascara on in ur selfies"

I literally just answered this let me live my life I look great

Anonymous: "So you're gorgeous and everything and you look good without it so I'm not like trying to seem rude?? But I was just wondering why you don't wear mascara?"

because I forget lmao I literally put on so much makeup and then I set it and I’m like fuck I forgot mascara. But even when I put it on you can’t tell really they’re just weakass lil baby lashes


Backstage at Auslander, SS14 Rio Fashion Week


Meet the waffle donut, aka wonut

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones eating dessert hybrids. Chicago’s Waffles Cafe is selling a combination of a donut and a waffle.